The art of needle and thread is an ancient gift handed down from one generation to the next. Sewing has different emotions attached to it for different people. It is a hobby or a passion for some, many express their creativity while for others, it’s a therapy.

, sewing is no longer a concept only for tailoring or repairing jobs; it has widened its horizon to creativity and customising. Bringing in a fresh concept, Hab, an experiential store run by Usha International, offers a plethora of experiences, encouraging learning through creative demos, sewing and store exhibits as well as specific workshops. Visitors can try their hands on the Usha sewing machines and create articles such as bookmarks and pouches for themselves.

The Hab offers a variety of sequins, stones, beads, threads, buttons, laces, borders, patches, brooches, rivets, zippers, embellishments, wool, do-ityourself kits, sewing tools, sewing patterns and other miscellaneous items that allow individuals to add a personal touch to their garments, home décor items, crafts and accessories.

Workshops at Hab teach and enable interested individuals to make their own clothing, home décor items or accessories using various methods and styles. Sewing instructors are at hand to guide the learner to master the basic concepts of stitching or help a more experienced hand to stitch or embroider on their sewing machines.

Elaborating upon the concept, Arwah Attari, brand manager of Usha International said, “The Hab, in Mumbai, is one of its kind store in India that is aimed at making sewing a trendy concept. It inspires people to create, innovate and experience the art of sewing. It is a one-point destination for people with a creative streak. The store is designed in a manner to provide a perfect modern setting for creative sewing.”

Discussing the loss of sewing culture, she said the younger generation had lost its connection with sewing and embroidery but the Hab allows a fresh and contemporary perspective to the art of sewing and accesory making.

“It offers a plethora of new experiences, encourages learning and creativity through workshops, demos and store exhibits, for all age groups. Furthermore, it also allows clients to customise the workshop to suit their needs,” remarked Attari.

“Our machines are very user-friendly equipped with latest technology for ease of use and are compatible with WiFi, Ipad and laptops. Most customers carry the myth that sewing is extremely tedious and difficult and, most importantly, are ignorant about the possibilities with sewing, such as embroided jewellery, embellishing shoes, art quilts, greeting cards and so on.”

Not restricted to any age group, the Hab has room for all creative individuals, whether kids, mothers, women, designers or young girls.