The second edition of Vishwarang, which is a unique literature, art and music festival in India that focuses on art and literature not only in English but in Hindi and regional languages as well, will be held online from 20 November to 29 November.

This mega event is being organized by Bhopal-based Rabindranath Tagore University in collaboration with the Tagore International Centre for Arts & Culture, Bhopal.

Vishwarang 2020 has 3 phases.

The first phase, i.e. Poorv Rang, started from 1 of October and continued till 8 November.

The second phase – Vishwarang International Festival – was held from 6 November to 8 November. It aimed to celebrate the culture, art and literature heritage of 15 countries.

The final phase of the event – Vishwarang 2020 – will witness more than 72 sessions in which around 1,000 artists, poets and authors from over 50 countries will exchange their thoughts on various topics.

In order to increase youth and children participation, two new categories – an International Film Festival and a Children’s Literature, Art and Music Festival – have been added this year.

The event will be held for 2 hours every day from 22 to 29 November on Get Set Parent with Pallavi YouTube channel. The Festival is targeted towards kids in the age group of 4-12 years and registrations for the Festival will be free of cost.