Located at Huda City Centre in Gurugram, Nurturing Green Studio is recognised as one of the biggest Indian company in the space of green gifting products that fit with the eco-friendly values. The studio also has a “dome”, inside which there are special air purifying plants of more than 12 varieties and mechanical air purifiers.
Annu Grover, founder, Nurturing Green Studios has ensured that the studio source only the best quality products from all the over the world ranging from outdoor furniture, fountains and water bodies, sculptures, flooring to grills and barbeque, vertical garden, fencing and partitioning, planters and other garden accessories . Excerpts from an interview:

Q. How did you come up with the idea of green gifting or “gift a plant”?
I was in Austria, back then, when one of my friends gifted me a Zodiac plant on my birthday and I really liked the idea. So, I came back and started this enterprise in 2009. The concept of changing the landscape of how gifting typically happens in India and living a greener and quality life are the prime objectives as well as inspirations for the entire team of Nurturing Green. So, gifting a plant is a great option more meaningful yet beautiful.

Q. What were the initial impediments you had to face while setting up this initiative?
People are afraid of taking risks, that’s why an off-beat business idea always faces some challenges. Initially, nobody believes in your plans due to differences in perceptions, and sometimes emotional gaps with family and major stakeholders demand extra effort to convince them. Initially, begging and borrowing money from friends seems the easiest way to thwart financial pressure in the early stages. But then things become normal with the passage of time. Hence, making people believe in an idea is a tough thing for an entrepreneur like me who started the business with just Rs 5,000. Then, things have changed over a period because we are continually making efforts to influence the behaviour of the people both inside and outside the organisation.

Q. How has the response thus far?
We made one of the iconic properties in Gurugram. The Nurturing Green studio is spread over an area of 13,000 sq ft, which is full of diversified plants and innovative gardening products. Now, customers know that it’s a great idea to gift a plant or have plants to decorate their homes, offices, etc. People appreciate our concept and vision, which is clearly visible by a daily footfall of 100 to 200 people. In the light of this desirable change, we are quite optimistic to achieve 100 per cent growth rate in the current fiscal year. People have started gifting plants. In wedding seasons, gifting plant becomes a fashion today.

Q. With Delhi’s air quality deteriorating at an unfathomable rate, how do you think will green gifting contribute in tackling such a life-threatening issue?
It will not have any physical change in the short-run as the condition has got worse. It will not happen in a day or two– it will take years or maybe decades. Nothing will change as long as the people will not change their mindset and habits. We are at an alarming situation to talk and act seriously against pollution. We have to embrace nature first to avail benefits. Besides plantation, we must also develop other environment saving habits such as carpooling and consumption of renewable energy. We want to bring people close to nature; it’s more about changing people’s perception towards nature and the mother earth.

Q. What made you use air purifying plants and what is the utility of these plants in the studio?
We are practically breathing poison! With Air Quality Index going above 500 and indoors having 2x pollutants, it harms our lungs permanently. We have launched NASA approved Air Purifying Plants which absorb harmful gases like Xylene, Benzene, CO2 to bring freshness indoors. And, nothing serves as a better option for air-purifiers as some of the nature-gifted exotic plants do. Taking a cue from the same, we have come up with our air-purifying plants’ range consisting of the best sorted and designed plants that are appealing a lot to people because they are beautiful, environment saving, and pocket-friendly.”

Q. How much can the available products cost and can the common man opt for such products?
Product cost starts from Rs 20 and goes up to Rs 4 lakh.

Q. Do you have any plan of expanding your business out of Gurugram and if so then how?
Yes, we are planning to expand our business. We are opening six outlets across NCR in the next six months. We are also having talks with various state governments, including Karnataka and Maharashtra for green projects and oxygen chambers. We wish to spread all along with nature to every part of the country.