Seminar held on traditional monastic mask dance of Ladakh

The mask dances of Ladakh, known as Cham, unfolds the victory of good over evil. The Cham is a fascinating and lively display of religious devotion performed in various monasteries across Ladakh during the important festivals during which the dance takes the centre stage.

How IITs are helping people get clean drinking water across the country

The Water Purification Technical Excellence Centre at IIT Kharagpur has developed a low-cost nano filtration technology which has ensured access to safe drinking water for 25,000 people at three different locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This water is free of heavy metals, considered hazardous for health.

UP pollution board to identify pollution hotspots

V.K. Singh, senior environmental engineer, UPPCB, said, "Our teams will work with local traffic department to identify crossings or certain sections of road where the air pollution levels are recorded higher than other places.