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Laugh to live

Annesha Chatterjee | Kolkata |

Joking involves witticism and the use of intelligence for non-insulting, nonhumiliating applications of vocabulary, which induce a feeling of fun or laughter within the listener. The creator have a rare quality to craft and deliver jokes at appropriate times.

Humour is an old practice and has been prevalent since the era of kings and kingdoms. Jokers were always present to entertain the court and some of them even worked as counsellors. Famous Birbal was a well known personality in King Akbar’s court. Akbar adored him due to his intelligence and sense of humour. Gopal Bhar was another such iconic comic figure.

He graced the court of King Krishnachandra Roy of Krishnagar, located in Nadia, West Bengal and amused him immensely. A more recent example is that of Birendra Krishna Bhadra, another famous personality. There are many benefits of cracking a joke and having a god laugh. It can help to reduce tension and the risk of many diseases such as high blood-pressure.

It is also a form of anger management. According to science we should laugh and try to keep our spirits high as often as possible. However there are limits to joking and the practice is acceptable as long as it lies within those confines.

The minute a joke is cracked at the expense of someone’s race, language, economic status, religion or abnormalities, it ceases to be just a joke.

Coordinator, Class X, Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani