Temjen Imna Along – the Nagaland politician who blends humour with politics

Temjen Imna Along – the Nagaland politician who blends humour with politics

Nagaland Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Temjen Imna Along [ Photo:ANI]

Generally politicians are known for their serious demeanor. Hence, every time you come across a politician, the image that emerges in your mind is that of a no-nonsense person who means business. Contrast this with Temjen Imna Along. What makes the Nagaland minister so very special and endearing to the public is the great sense of humour that reflects from his fun-filled captions on social media.

These days, the BJP’s state president is busy with public meetings in preparation for the upcoming elections. His social media posts are receiving a lot of attention, not alone in the state but also at the national level. Through these social media posts, he constantly keeps his fans and followers updated with important life lessons, his personal life, the beauty of the state, or any social message with his amazing sense of humour.

Of late, his social media posts, which have gone viral, have become a toast of the nettizens. One of his viral messages on the social media encouraging people to buy eco-friendly bamboo bottles has struck a chord with his followers. Along with pictures of beautiful sustainable bottles, he shared, “Bamboo dene ka nahin, bamboo se pani peene ka.”

He also commended the northeast Indian business people who are attempting to discover bamboo’s full potential.

Before this, Along’s humorous tweet about the helicopter he was riding went viral and caused people to laugh. He had earlier tweeted a fascinating Valentine’s Day greeting. He stated in a tweet, “Freedom is a blessing that not everyone should receive. “Let’s appreciate this day. Singles hail!”

Holding the hand of Assam’s chief minister, Himant Biswa, in another tweet, He claimed that marriage is less potent than the party wave. Temjen Imna Along has been the Bharatiya Janata Party of Nagaland’s state head since January 15, 2020. Since 2018, he has served as the Alongtaki district’s representative in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

Along, in an interview, said he uses humour and politics to reach out to a wider audience so that he could be readily understood by others. As a result of this he now can boast of a wider audience, thanks to social media. He said the tradition of Nagaland needs to be known to the world.

Current Political Scenario

The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will form a coalition to run in the Nagaland Assembly elections on February 27. The NDPP, in accordance with the seat-sharing agreement with the NDPP, has nominated 20 candidates.

Temjen Imna Along, the state head of the BJP, will run for the Alongtaki assembly seat. In 2018, the BJP was successful in winning 12 of the 20 districts up for election.