Deepak Rathore, a young singer and musician, has become a household name as a budding singer and musician in just 22 months since the release of his first video song release ‘Shimla tha Ghar’.

Inspired with the serene beauty and the folk music of Himachal, the  song, shot in the beautiful locales of Shimla has won many a hearts, with  1.4 million views, 12,000 likes and is still counting since it was uploaded on YouTube on January 2016.

Talking about his first video song ‘Shimla Tha Ghar’ that is part of the upcoming album ‘Kagaz Ki Naav’, Deepak Rathore said, that his songs and musical compositions has won him appreciation by the audiences. It  and has also acknowledged by institutions like Himachal Pradesh University, bestowing him with State Youth Icon Award 2017 and having won the best musical video film of the year 2017 at Punjab film festival, he added.

Singer, lyricist and composer, he strives to write music that can inspire people through tales of struggle, day to day life, love and all that lies in between.

Enthused with the success of his first song, he came up with his second song, ‘Suna pada’, uploaded on February, earlier this year on You Tube.

This is also being well received, crossing 1.1 million views with 4,000 likes so far.

Since then, his efforts for composing and writing lyrics took further flight and there is no looking back.

Singing his way to glory, lately, his third song ‘Ja Tujhko’, also on way to receiving good response, has crossed 3 lakhs views and 1,739 likes barely having uploaded, a week ago on 22 October.

Elated with the overwhelming response his video songs are garnering,  Deepak said, “Other most recent feat is my music band, ‘Deepak Rathore Project’, listed as the top 50 most prominent bands in the country by Sennheiser for second consecutive year and this time ranked amongst top 14 bands nationwide.”

The short stint of success has given him wings to fly as he is going places in cities across India with his performance in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata sharing stage with renowned artist of Bollywood during the opening act at the Bollywood Musical Project.

An engineer graduate from Mohali in Punjab, after a year working with some IT companies, he became a fulltime singer by choice. Following his heart that loves music, music has become his staple diet.

Born and brought up in Dehradoon in Uttrakhand, surrounded with lot of folk music that is quintessential part of the any hill state, he ultimately found his calling in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, where he has family associations and friends.

“Shimla is like a second home, where my music videos have taken shape and the essence and reflection of it finds existence in each of my songs. I have spent a major time in Shimla writing and composing songs,” said Deepak.

His first step to musical journey started in the environs of his home at a very tender age, while he grew up listening to his grandfather and mother who were into music and composition.

The bonding to music grew stronger with the passage of time during his school days as he participated, ‘solo’ in almost all the musical events that came by.

The association of musically likeminded friends at the Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Mohali in 2006, where he was pursuing engineering brought to life, his musical band, after which performances at various college events got them closer to the idea of a music album.

The three songs so far released are a part of my upcoming album ‘ Kagaz Ki Naav’ that will consist of eight songs, he said, adding that the other songs in the album will also be inspired by Himachal folk and Hindi rock music.

Deepak said, “The mainstream music is going louder these days and as an independent artist, a singer with my own lyrics and compositions, my endeavor is to promote original music without any compromise. The love and appreciation I have been getting from my audiences for my creativity, makes me more passionate with a greater zeal.”