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Why Manipur women love Mamata

When violence broke out in Manipur in May this year between the Meitei and Kuki communities, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had sent a delegation of her MPs

‘SP must show a big heart’

Ajay Rai, a five-time MLA who challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi, is working to revive the Congress in Uttar Pradesh after taking over as the state party chief a few weeks ago.

Saturday Interview | ‘Democracy is in peril’

Reacting strongly to what he believed is the RSS-BJP’s agenda to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra, he has given a call to his party cadres to go all out to celebrate the coming birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in a big way while highlighting secularism and plural democracy of the country.