Rakesh Kumar

iPhone 13: A phone that promises to impress

Our initial review of the iPhone 13 suggests that it is a good phone, with lots of new upgrades over its predecessor, such as longer battery backup, fast performance, and amazing camera features. However, Apple kept iPhone 13’s design the same, which may not attract iPhone 12 users.

Saturday Interview | ‘EC needs to do course correction’

He has worked for electoral reforms through the judicial system by filing Public Interest Litigations in the higher judiciary to get relevant laws improved, and on the ground by providing information to voters about the background of candidates contesting elections so that they can make informed choices while voting.

Orchha: A medieval town hidden in central India

Orchha is a unique medieval town in Madhya Pradesh, where a palace was built by a ruler for his friend for a one-day visit and where Lord Rama is not a god but a king. Its most famous temple, Raja Ram, was built accidentally and the deity here gets a guard of honour, not the king.