A passionate, dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur, Vineet Kapur is the managing director of a professional skin care company, O3+. He has empowered the industry and won laurels in India and abroad for his in-depth knowledge of the skin and cosmetics industry. Specialised from Lillian Maund School of Beauty & Cosmetology, London, Kapur’s experience in the skincare industry pans over three decades.

Spending a lot of time in the research and development of skincare and cosmetic industry, he has observed a great demand in the Indian market for specialised Asian skin facial experiences. He has now created a niche segment in Indian market transforming the way facials are being administered in India.

Q. What drove you to work in the cosmetics industry?

The salon industry started getting organised in 2002 when multinational hair brands entered India. These brands used our platform for entering the salon market which showed us the need for skin care in the professional segment.

In order to contribute towards the customers’ need for skincare, we started our own brand. Initially we began with the strategy of in-salon hands-on training and marketing of the services and further extended to retail products for homecare use.

Q. What does the company aim to achieve?

The main aim is to provide complete solution to all skin problems. The range is designed keeping in mind the various problems faced by different skin types. The products are categorised into different segments like homecare, preventive, treatment and protection.

Q. What are the prerequisites of a healthy skin and how does modern technology contribute to it?

In today’s era of high pollution and exposure to skin irritants, there is a dire need of much more evolved skin care regime which will go beyond the basic necessities of cleansing, toning and moisturising. These are not enough to protect and replenish the skin, given the fatally damaging environment that we function in. We need to switch to skin solutions that not only temporarily heal it but also offer permanent eradication of all skin related issues.

Nowadays, we can’t just depend upon creams, peels and scrubs that work on the surface layers of derma. We need more potent yet non-aggressive fluid based skin care regimes and products to help address our skin problems.

Q. What kind of technology does the brand use?

Cutting-edge technology merged with skincare benefits in botanical, natural, organic and scientific ingredients have always been the cornerstone for the brand’s products. Organic sulphur is used from 100-year-old tree trunks for its purifying properties.

Minerals are brought from Napa Valley for hydrating properties. Rose stem cells are also utilised to repair and rejuvenate the appearance of ageing and super-foods C11 patent technology is used for skin brightening.

Q. What are some of the problems in the beauty industry that bothers you and how do you want to change it?

It really bothers me that often the wrong compounding of the products lead to poor or no results. The products in our company are powered by nature and backed by science. Our expertise lies in art of melding the products for better result delivery.

Q. What different does O3+ offer than other brands?

We believe that we are revolutionising the skin care industry in India with our novel intervention of facials. Fluid facial, recently launched by O3+, is poised to transform the beauty and wellness sector and impact the way facials are being administered in India.

Fluid Facial is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that are applied on the derma using oxy-jet spray, keeping any kind of contamination at bay. It is a high impact, instant-effect, super food for the skin.

It is a new skincare experience where the customer not only undergoes the layering of various fluids into the skin but also knows exactly what facial he/she is getting and how many steps are entailed. The customers are also provided with a six-day home care package, hence forth endorsing “no blind facials”. These facials are a unique blend of layering and conventional relaxation.