Hear out all the Damon Salvatore fans, the villain-ish and broody vampire whom you fell in love with is about to grace the screen again with another vampire drama. Actor Ian Somerhalder, popular for playing the role of a vampire on The Vampire Diaries for 8 seasons.

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This upcoming show titled V-wars might act as a replacement to TVD that ended last year for all the vampire drama lovers. Ian Somerhalder would be starring as one of the leads in the show, essaying the role of Dr. Luther Swann. This is kind of a villain turned hero situation as Ian would be seen as a human in this show.  Dr. Luther is in search of the cure for a disease that turns human into bloodsucking monsters, basically vampires. His best friend Michael Fayne becomes a prey to the frightening disease. Luther and other humans who haven’t been turned yet continue to fight against the vampires. Meanwhile, Fayne rises to power among the vampires and things get ugly.

The show is based on a New York Times bestseller novel by author Jonathan Maberry, which goes by the same name as the show title. It is a series of books such as V-Wars: Blood and Fire, V-Wars: Night Terrors, and V-Wars: Shockwaves.

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Although Ian is quite acquainted with the genre, it would be interesting to watch him play the protagonist here. The upcoming drama V-wars will have 10 episodes of 1 hour. While you wait for it binge-watching the TVD series would probably be a good idea.