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Gulfam Khan’s painter dreams

IANS | Mumbai |

Gulfam Khan, known for acting in shows like "Naamkarann" and "Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par", says had she not been an actress, she would have been a painter or a fine artist.

Gulfam said in a statement: "Reading and painting have always been my interests… whether it's painting, recycling or artwork. Had I not been an actor or writer, I would have definitely been a painter or a fine artist. Painting kind of unwinds me. I get lost in the colours and forms. Books have also been my companions." 

But she didn't pick up her first book out of interest.

"Since I was in class five, my first book was 'Rumpelstiltskin'. My teacher had forced it on me because I would refuse to communicate. Since then I am addicted to books. I carry at least one book on the set," she said.

"That was one of the things that helped me to bond with Reema ji (late actress Reema Lagoo)," she added.