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Bigg Boss 13, Day 123, Jan 31: Shehnaaz ousted from captaincy task, Shehbaz targets Mahira and Paras

Shehnaaz talks to Kashmera about making Sidharth the captain.

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Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Kashmera asking Devoleena whether she is with her team or not. Vikas says that Asim, Sidharth and Shehnaaz are almost in the finale but there is a chance that the others reach there too. Vikas, Shefali and Himanshi have a discussion about the task and the housemates. Later on, Vikas informs Shehnaaz that her brother has flipped from his words. She then says that she wants either Sidharth or Asim to become the captain.

She also says that the fight between Vikas and Kashmera happened because the former said that he will oust Arti. The buzzer rings again and the task continues. Asim suggests that the notes should be counted by someone to which Kashmera says that it can be done later. The counting is done post which, the teams announce the amount of money they have with them. Vikas’ team has the most number of notes. However, the other team counts again as they had few of the notes sticking to each other. Shehbaaz then says that they have more number of notes with their team.

Bigg Boss schools them for providing the wrong calculation. Vikas asks the other team to prove that they have the most number of notes. He takes away the notes and says that these notes are owned by his team. This leads to a lot of chaos and Devoleena, Shehbaaz, Arti and others shout at him and accuse him of cheating. Sidharth says that Bigg Boss can oust him and Vikas if the latter has cheated in the task. In the midst of all this, there is an ugly spat between Paras, Mahira and Shehbaaz regarding breaking Bigg Boss’ property. There is also a physical scuffle between Kunal, Shehbaaz and Paras.

Mahira accuses Shehbaaz of having the same mentality as Shehnaaz. Paras and Shehbaaz’s fight intensifies and the two of them call each other’s names. Paras bursts out post which everyone tries to pacify him. Vishal tries to clarify things with Mahira whether she had said something to his brother. She admits the same and says that she will break him if he breaks Bigg Boss’ property. This leads to an ugly spat between Vishal and Mahira. Vishal’s brother ends up taking Mahira’s father’s name which further intensifies the situation. Later on, he apologizes to her.

Sidharth tells Vikas he was embarrassed after whatever he did during the task. Vikas, however, says that he will be proud of him later on. He also says that the other team had picked up notes after the calculations which means that they have cheated too. Bigg Boss gives details about the task again in front of the housemates and also says that it was wrong on the part of Vikas to take away the notes from the other team. At last, the announcements made during the first round are considered the final one by Bigg Boss and Vikas ends up winning the task. He then ousts Shehnaaz from captaincy candidature.

Bigg Boss announces that the next round of the task will be held for selection of the captain of the house. Mahira brings a bundle of notes and says that Rashami had hidden them nearby the swimming pool. Kashmera says that she did not find Bigg Boss’ judgement fair. Shehnaaz says that she knew from before that the other team was about to oust her. Sidharth informs Shehnaaz that the other team had brought in more notes after the calculations. She then says that she is not aware of the same.

Rashami tries to explain to Mahira about the notes which she had hidden. Devoleena and Vikas get involved in an ugly spat regarding the notes which he had taken away from her team. He then accuses her team of theft. Rashami and Vishal say that there was no addition of notes later on and that she has just hidden them. Mahira and Kunal try to clear things with each other. She also advises him to stay calm and not be tensed for the next few days.

Shehnaaz asks Shehbaaz whether they had stolen anything during the task to which he replies in the negative. He also informs her how the fight ensued between Kunal and Mahira. Paras also tries to clear things with Shehbaaz and also informs him that the personal comment that he passed on is completely vague. Himanshi informs Asim and Vishal that Arhaan broke down because of Rashami. She also said that he told her he had not done wrong inside the house. Himanshi further revealed that Arhaan said it was not required for him to have a fight with Sidharth apart from the fact that Rashami was his girlfriend.

The next morning the housemates woke up and danced to an energetic song. Vikas, Shefali and Mahira have a discussion about Himanshi and Asim. They discuss that Asim might get hurt because of whatever she is doing. Himanshi informs Kunal, Shehbaaz, Rashami and Devoleena that she knew she was going to be eliminated during her time. She also says that Asim wanted her to express her feelings in the last two days. Meanwhile, Shefali says that Himanshi informed her she had no feelings for Asim. Vikas tells her that Umar should have come in place of Himanshi as Asim’s connection.

He also tells Shefali how Himanshi made him play a prank on Asim. Shefali said that Himanshi should not have said she loves Asim. Kashmera says that Rashami had become very low after Arhaan’s exit. Shehnaaz then says that she plays silently. Sidharth says that Rashami’s colours come out only at times, mostly when she is with her team. Meanwhile, Himanshi informs Vikas that whatever commitment she wants to give to Asim will be done outside. Vikas asks Himanshi to give some kind of clarity to Asim or else the latter will be shattered.

On the other hand, Arti asks Vikas to make Sidharth the captain. He says that they wanted to make her the captain but it will not happen as the game flipped. He also asks her to talk to Sidharth about the same. Arti goes and conveys this to Sidharth. Vikas and Kashmera try to clear things with each other. He also praises her by saying that she has become a beautiful human being. Himanshi informs Rashami about the conversation she had with Vikas.

Rashami says that what Himanshi feels is not clear yet. She also says that Asim loves Himanshi a lot. Rashami tells Himanshi that the way in which the latter stays with Asim is like a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. She also asks her to clear things with Asim. Himanshi says that Asim’s closed ones have asked her not to confess her love for him. Later on, Kashmera reads out instructions related to the captaincy task post which everyone starts strategizing about the same.

Shehnaaz talks to Kashmera about making Sidharth the captain. Vikas and Devoleena try to clear things with each other. Shehbaaz informs Shehnaaz about the strategies of the other team who want to oust Sidharth and Paras. They convey the same to Vikas. Asim says that the candidates should be checked before the task is being conducted which offends a few others. Himanshi confronts Vikas for calling her a good player in the previous day’s task. The two of them clear things with each other. Kashmera talks about the game to Shehbaaz, Kunal, Devoleena and others. Meanwhile, Asim and Paras get involved in an ugly spat.

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