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Renuka Shahane tutors Suchitra Krishnamoorthi in friendly Twitter chat

Actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi once again faced ire on social media after she made a statement on Twitter on Tuesday.

SNS | New Delhi |

Actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi once again faced ire on social media after she made a statement on Twitter on Tuesday. Krishnamoorthi, who debuted in Bollywood with Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na opposite Shah Rukh Khan, had faced major outrage last month when she commented on Jawaharlal Nehru.

On Tuesday, the actor posted on Twitter: “Amma always said ” Money is not everything.Even criminals and whores have money. What matters is not money but character and integrity”
I truly truly understand her words only today.Jeez ive never felt more proud of my middle class roots 😊”

In response, the actor was called out for being insensitive, as she bracketed criminals and whores in the same category. She was flayed for her “Brahminical” and “casteist upbringing” and called many names.


Renuka Shahane, actor-director, also commented on Krishnamoorthi’s post.

She tweeted: “No disrespect to your Amma @suchitrak but as women let’s try & correct the injustice that our traditions have imposed on whores. We castigated whores while letting off their customers who are leading “respectful” lives! Let’s not put whores & criminals in one bracket at least 1/4″


Shahane sought to explain that “whores sell what is theirs” while “criminals take what is others”.

Her fourth comment got most attention, where she explicitly stated that “Whores are not respected by any social class of our society, while many criminals,on the other hand, hold very respectable positions, “some even in our Parliament & Industry.”

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi agreed to the former’s response, after clarifying that she had used the “word” in a completely different context.


The actor who has been vocal about the abduction of businessman Promod Goenka in Mozambique last year and the inaction of the government in doing anything about it, had made the comment in light of that.

Goenka is held captive in Swaziland by a Pakistani gang at a London-businessman’s behest, according to reports. Krishnamoorthy has filed a complaint about the abduction.

According to her, on sending information about the case linking former deputy chief minister (Maharasthra) Ajit Pawar to it, she received a legal notice from real-estate developer Vinod Goenka.

Krishnamoorthi also tweeted: “there are different kinds of whores and they can be of any gender or any strata. Anybody that sells their soul for money or benefit is one.”

To this, Renuka Shahane replied that she had been following that thread and appreciated Krishnamoorthi’s bravery for relentlessly following the case of Promod Goenka disappearance.

In the end, the Rann actor settled the matter by giving “big hugs” to Renuka Shahane and highlighted that “dialogue and communication is the key”.

Suchitra then shared a picture with her “amma” (mother), whose words had created the furor in the first place, even mentioning that her mother had no idea what Twitter was and that her one comment had created so much debate on the social media platform.

The actor even replied to some of those who trolled her, including Ad filmmaker Ram Subramanian.