Pankaj Udhas’ iconic ghazals: A tribute to a musical maestro

Explore the timeless ghazals of Pankaj Udhas, a musical legend whose soulful melodies continue to captivate hearts even after his passing.

Pankaj Udhas’ iconic ghazals: A tribute to a musical maestro

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The passing of Pankaj Udhas, the celebrated Indian ghazal and playback singer, has left a void in the world of music. With a career spanning several decades, Udhas left an indelible mark with his soulful renditions and timeless melodies.

Udhas embarked on his musical journey with the release of his debut ghazal album titled “Aahat” in 1980, followed by a string of successful albums including “Mukarar” (1981), “Tarrannum” (1982), and “Mehfil” (1983), among others. His talent and versatility earned him recognition not only as a ghazal maestro but also as a playback singer in Bollywood.

Chitthi Aayi Hai

One of Udhas’ most iconic songs, “Chitthi Aayi Hai,” resonates deeply with audiences for its poignant portrayal of separation and longing. This timeless ghazal captures the emotions of receiving a letter from a distant loved one, evoking feelings of nostalgia and yearning.


Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise

Similarly, “Jeeye To Jeeye Kaise,” from the Bollywood movie “Saajan” (1991), stands out for its soulful rendition and exploration of love’s complexities. Sung by Udhas along with other notable playback singers, the song beautifully encapsulates the essence of love and longing.

Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein

“Aur Ahista Kijiye Baatein” is another gem in Udhas’ repertoire, known for its soothing melody and heartfelt lyrics. Composed by Khayyam and penned by Bashar Nawaz, the ghazal portrays the tender moments shared between lovers with grace and elegance.

Ek Taraf Uska Ghar

In “Ek Taraf Uska Ghar,” Udhas delves into the theme of unrequited love, capturing the pain of separation and longing for a beloved who may not reciprocate the same feelings. The song, composed by Anu Malik and penned by Qateel Shifai, strikes a chord with listeners for its emotional depth and evocative lyrics.

Ghunghat Ki Aad Se Dilbar Ka

Lastly, “Ghunghat Ki Aad Se Dilbar Ka” mesmerizes with its enchanting melody and romantic lyrics, showcasing Udhas’ prowess as a ghazal singer. Composed by Uttam Singh and penned by Anand Bakshi, the song evokes emotions of passion and devotion, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

As fans mourn the loss of Pankaj Udhas, his timeless songs continue to serve as a poignant reminder of his musical legacy, touching the hearts of millions with their beauty and depth.

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