Panchayat 3 star Jitendra Kumar’s rule: Audience first!

Dive into Jitendra Kumar’s role-selection mantra for Panchayat 3 – where audience enjoyment takes center stage. Discover the actor’s key criteria in a nutshell.

Panchayat 3 star Jitendra Kumar’s rule: Audience first!

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As the highly anticipated release of Panchayat 3 approaches, excitement is building among fans who simply can’t contain their anticipation. While we await the new season, let’s delve into the story of Jitendra Kumar, the lead star in Panchayat 3.

In an interview, Jitendra was posed with a question about his penchant for choosing projects. This is because many of his roles lean towards being family entertainers. Curious minds wanted to know: what factors does he consider before committing to a role? Jitendra’s response shed light on his approach to selecting projects.

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Nonchalantly, he shared, “I have somehow ended up doing projects which everyone can sit and watch together. The only thing I look for in a script is whether it will be entertaining for the audience or not.” It appears that, for Jitendra, the crux lies in the enjoyment factor. Regardless of the setting in which people watch it, if the content is enjoyable, that’s all that matters to him.



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He went on to express his admiration for collaborating with filmmakers who share a passion for creating stories that captivate and entertain. “I have worked with makers who have loved making these types of stories and take the responsibility of entertaining everyone,” he explained. Jitendra emphasized the significance of aligning intentions with the creators. He cited instances where unique narratives and profound messages were still crafted with the intention of widespread entertainment.

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However, he made it clear that his personal inclination is towards stories that he finds appealing. “My intention is that I should enjoy playing the character,” Jitendra revealed. Whether it’s a family entertainer or a narrative of a different mold, his readiness to be part of any story stems from his genuine love for the script.

In a humble acknowledgment of the collaborative nature of the industry, Jitendra credited the makers for their intentions. He expressed joy in the fact that an actor or creator is happiest when they reach a broad audience. “It feels nice, an actor or creator is the happiest when he gets the maximum amount of the audience,” he shared. He went on to acknowledge the substantial effort required to capture and retain the audience’s attention.

In essence, Jitendra Kumar’s approach to his craft lies in the amalgamation of personal enjoyment and the shared intention with creators to offer the audience a captivating and entertaining experience. As we eagerly await Panchayat 3, it’s clear that star Jitendra Kumar’s commitment to engaging storytelling is a key ingredient in the series’ success.

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