‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ animated series trailer unveiled

Get a sneak peek into the epic world of ‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ with the newly released trailer. Don’t miss the action-packed animated series coming soon to Disney+ Hotstar!

‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ animated series trailer unveiled

Screengrab from 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood' trailer

S.S Rajamouli announces Baahubali: Crown of Blood’, an animated series based on his magnum opus, the ‘Baahubali’ franchise. He took to X to announce the upcoming project which will be aired on Disney+ Hotstar.

Earlier, Rajamouli wrote “When the people of Mahishmati chant his name, no force in the universe can stop him from returning. Baahubali: Crown of Blood, an animated series trailer, arrives soon!”

And, the trailer is out!

The first film instalment of the Indian epic fantasy franchise ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ (2015) broke records and created headlines for being the most expensive film production of the time and claiming the spot of the highest-grossing Telegu film and the second highest grossing Indian film of the time, still maintaining the fourth position in the former category.


The film’s action sequences and most importantly the cliffhanger ending took the audiences by storm. The film also received global appreciation, taking Telegu cinema to new heights in the global entertainment industry.

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Set in the fictional town of Mahishmati, the film follows the protagonist Baahubali’s quest to defeat Bhalladeva to free his mother Devasana, the former queen.

The second film installment, ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion,’ hit theaters in 2017 following the 2015 cinematic production. Given the success of the prequel, the second instalment also went on to receive widespread acclamation and was one of the most anticipated and sought-after releases of the year.

Owing to the massive adulation of the first film, Graphic India and Arka Mediaworks created the first animated series ‘Baahubali: The Lost Legend’ which served as a spin-off, set before the events of the film. The first season aired on Amazon Prime Video in 2017.

The fever of the franchise did not stop with the film and series production, it made it to print as well. A trilogy titled ‘Baahubali: Before the Beginning’ produced as prequel novels to films released between the years 2017 and 2020. The first novel was titled ‘The Rise of Sivagami’.

Furthermore, in 2018 Akira Fukaya adapted ‘Baahubali’ into a manga comic, owing to the unprecedented success of the film in Japan.

The upcoming animated series will witness Baahubali and Bhalladeva join hands to protect the kingdom against the mysterious forces of the antagonist, Raktdeva. The show will release on May 17th on Disney+ Hotstar.

Rajamouli created the series and Graphic India and Arka Mediaworks produced it. Following the maker’s announcement, the trailer premiered on YouTube today and has already amassed over 1 lakh views in two hours.