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Not approached for ”Guntur Talkies” sequel: Praveen Sattaru

Not approached for ”Guntur Talkies” sequel: Praveen Sattaru


Director Praveen Sattaru says he hasn’t yet been approached with the offer to direct the sequel to his last year’s Telugu hit comedy Guntur Talkies.

He is also sure that he does not want to take up the project even if he is offered.

"I read about the sequel in the papers recently. I don’t even know that the producer is planning a sequel because I haven’t been approached. In fact, half of the cast and crew of ‘Guntur Talkies’ isn’t even aware of a sequel being made," Sattaru said.

Asked if he would like to helm the sequel, he said he isn’t interested.

"I’m usually not the type of director who cashes in on the success of a film with a sequel. I don’t think I’m interested to direct the sequel, even if I’m offered," he said.

Produced by Raj Kumar, Guntur Talkies starred Rashmi Gautam, Shraddha Das, Naresh and Mahesh Manjrekar in the lead roles.