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I don’t care what people think of my Grammys dress: Adele


Adele narrowly averted an on-stage mishap while performing in Brisbane after the singer tripped over her dress.

The Grammy-winning singer was performing "Hello" while trying to run up a set of stairs in her floor-length gown when she almost took a tumble, causing her to hit a "dodgy note", reported AceShowbiz.

"I don't know if you saw, but after you did your marvelous sing along to the Hello chorus, I nearly tripped up those stairs did you see me, Oh My God!" Adele told the crowd.

"I've never worn a dress like this, I'm basically celebrating Beauty and the Beast coming out… but I forgot to lift it up and tried to run up and nearly fell over," she added.

Adele is set to perform another show in Brisbane on March 5 before heading to Sydney for concerts on March 10 and 11.