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George Michael’s former lover flushed drugs down toilet

IANS | Los Angeles |

Late global singing sensation George Michael's former lover Kenny Goss says he would flush the singer's drugs down the toilet in the hope that he would beat his addiction.

The 58-year-old dated the Careless whisper hitmaker between 1996 and 2011 and tried to stop the singer from taking drug substances by getting rid of them, reports

"I would find drugs and flush everything down the toilet, thinking, 'If I just get rid of it, he won't get more'. He was absent-minded, so would just think he'd lost them," Goss told The Sun newspaper.

"I don't think George necessarily thought he'd die young, but every time I looked into his eyes I thought, 'My God I'm losing you, what is going on'. That was a gateway drug to the others. But it escalated. At one point, he was smoking 25 joints a day. I saw him smoke weed all the time but never hardcore drugs," he added.

Goss says that Michael always "shielded" him and "his family" and did the drugs with another group of friends.

"I heavily disapproved so he wouldn't be around me in that state. He had another group of friends he'd do that with… When I confronted him, he never denied it, never apologised. He was hard on me about drinking, because I developed a problem," he added.