Movies are great to get people’s attention on a topic: Katrina

Movies are great to get people’s attention on a topic: Katrina

Katrina Kaif (Photo Credits: IANS)

Actress Katrina Kaif believes movies can be effective in putting out a message that can bring about a change in society.

Katrina interacted with the media when she joined the international award-winning non-profit organisation ‘Educate Girls’ as their ambassador here on Monday.

Asked what she thinks about having a movie based on ‘educating girls’ in Bollywood, she said: “I don’t believe you need to have a movie to take this cause further or spread the awareness about this cause. There are many ways we can do it, although with a movie on it, sometimes a message comes across in a non-judgmental, non-forceful or organic entertaining form.


“A movie is an amazing way to get the message across. Someone making a movie on this would be outstanding.”

Katrina cited the example of Secret Superstar.

“That movie had that message. That was definitely the message that got across. A young talented girl who is being stopped from fulfilling her dreams because the society and world around her are not allowing her to do that… So for me, there are movies being made like that. You don’t necessarily need a movie just about the classroom.

“This messaging coming into our movies is a great way to take the message further in our society. We all love movies and that is a great way to get people’s attention on the topic.”

The Tiger Zinda Hai actor said women have to be more encouraging towards other women for creating a healthy environment.

Besides education, what are the other initiatives that need to be taken in order to empower girls all around the world?

Katrina said: “I think a lot of steps have been taken all over the world… Whether it is equality at the workplace, whether it is the attitude we have towards each other, even for that matter the attitude that women have towards each other.

“Lately, I have become aware of it myself. Sometimes, I honestly feel that do we really support our contemporaries? Do I really support the women as much as I can, the women who are around me and in my work area?

“Sometimes the competitive mindset can actually stop you from being cooperative and encouraging towards others and I myself have become more aware of that. Am I lifting up the women around me? Am I doing what I can to support them and encourage them or to help them grow?”.

Katrina said she is trying to encourage the women around her to make them better professionals.

“Rather than just seeing what they (women) can do for me, I am trying to encourage them to become better in their profession, whatever it may be. So for me, that is very important. A lot of things start with mindset. We all can address our mindset and make sure as to what are we doing for the women around us.”

On the work front, she is currently busy with Zero, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Thugs of Hindostan.