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Mariah Carey’s tribute to tragic fan

PTI | London |

Pop star Mariah Carey paid tribute to her fan Martyn Hett, who died in the Manchester terror attack, via a video message.

Hett, 29, was a huge fan of Mariah and she addressed mourners at his funeral with a touching message, reported Metro.

She said, "I feel like I am talking to Martyn and I am talking to his spirit. I just wanted to say that I love you and I'm so happy that we got a chance to meet.

"I know that you're shining down on us from heaven and I'm happy that all your family and your friends are gathered together in honour of you. And that I played a strong role in your life, it's a huge honour to me. And I just want to send love to everyone." 

Martyn was one of the victims of the Manchester terror attack in May, when a suicide bomber detonated a device after Ariana Grande's concert at the city's arena.