Former Entourage star Jeremy Piven has been accused of sexual misconduct by three more women in instances that allegedly occurred between 1985 and 1996.

Each of the women, one of whom preferred not to be identified, claims to have experienced aggressive sexual advances from Piven, including being pinned on a couch and against a wall, reports

One woman told online news portal BuzzFeed that Piven followed her into a set trailer, held her down and attempted to grope her. She fended him off and fled.

Another said she met Piven in 1996 when he was appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres sitcom Ellen where she was an extra. She described a consensual romantic encounter at Piven’s home that turned aggressive when he exposed himself and tried to force himself on her, BuzzFeed reported.

The third woman alleged that Piven pushed her against a hotel room wall in Montreal in the early 1990s and attempted to force himself on her.

Piven has denied the allegations.

He referred to a polygraph test on whether he had ever used force to have sex, that he took and passed when the first allegations against him broke in November last year.

“These allegations, which in one case goes back more than 30 years and the two others more than 20 years ago, are false. As evidenced by the lie detector test I took and passed, I have never forced myself on anyone, nor have I ever exposed myself or restrained anyone against their will. To the contrary, if any woman ever said no, I stopped,” read a Piven statement.

All the women said they decided to come forward after reading Piven’s denials of the previous allegations which, combined with the three new accusations, total eight.

Since the allegations, Piven’s TV show Wisdom of the Crowd has been cancelled.