10 Television shows to watch in this lifetime

There are some TV series that the fans watch for killing the time, and then there are some TV series…

10 Television shows to watch in this lifetime

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There are some TV series that the fans watch for killing the time, and then there are some TV series which leaves a mark on the fans that makes them stay connected to the show on an emotional front. These shows have gained a significant fan following across the world and even the critics can’t ignore these shows as these series have an intriguing factor about them, which has spawned many season of the shows and an ever lasting effect on the fans, which serves as s souvenir to reminisce about.

Here is a list of 10 TV series that you need to watch in your lifetime for once.

FRIENDS (1994)

One of the most popular TV shows ever, Friends lasted over 10 seasons with over 200 episodes and revolutionised the genre. The show has been rated by many viewers and critics alike as the best sitcom ever. The show revolved around the story of six friends, with an ensemble cast.


Breaking Bad (2008)

A meth lab in the backyard of your home? Not a bad start for a drug lord to start off his venture! That’s what our anti-hero, Mr White did to ensure his family survives any kind of crisis if he fails to survive his cancer. But everything was a ‘Twist of Fate’ for Mr White, which builds up most of the plot. If crime/drama is your genre, then Breaking Bad should be on your list.

Game of Thrones (2011)

The most popular show of the modern times! A historical fantasy drama which shows the mythological gods, emperors, gore violence, epic narration and one of the best VFX effects in recent times! The show is one of the most critically acclaimed shows and has a huge fan following for the show and some certain characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

House of Cards (2013)

What happens in the White House is best answered by the dignitaries of the White House themselves! A political drama which has gained a significant following among the fans and a unique admiration from the critics owing to its storyline and the noteworthy performances of the cast, especially Kevin Spacey. The show is hailed as one of the most intriguing web television series in a fan poll!

Two and a Half Men (2003)

Sounds quite complicated when you hear two men and a half! Well that was the concept for Chuck Lorre’s television show, where two men and a kid lived a king size life at a Malibu beach house owned by Charlie Harper (seasons 1-8), with hilarious situations knocking their door. The show lasted for 12 seasons and featured many popular guest stars in its long run. You are in for a hilarious roller-coaster ride, when you watch the show.

Sons of Anarchy (2008)

Guns, high on action, drama, intriguing story-line and impressing performances! You are in for a treat to get all this when you watch the story of a biker gang set up in the fictionalised town of Charming, California. The show is considered as one of the most dramatic and violent show ever with a cult fan following. The show, which is based on a biker gang of Hells Angels has many of its members making guest appearances on the show, and Hells Angels’, David Labrava serves as the writer for the show and essays the role of club’s sadistic assassin, Happy Lowman! The show was also the highest rated and most watched television show on FX!

The Walking Dead (2010)

Post zombie apocalyptic world in movies just ends in two hours or so! But how about you get to watch what happens with the survivors who survived the outbreak of virus and how they survive every day in a world where they are against odds. The show, which began with a not so good response has gained a significant amount of fan following over the years!

How I Met Your Mother (2005)

An answer by a father to his children, which took him nine years to tell him how he ended up with their mother! Too long for a stretch to explain a simple thing. But well it was not that simple for our beloved Ted and it was worth watching his journey, which is filled with adventures and a bunch of crazy friends, especially Barney Stinson.

Riverdale (2017)

When comics come to life it gains a much more attention as it becomes interesting to see how the comics look like on the screen! The show is a teen drama based on the famous comics, Archie comics, that has gained its own fandom among the youth. The show serves more of a dark theme rather than the fun and light theme from the comics but nevertheless, the show is one of the most watched shows of the modern era owing to its loyal followers.

Grey’s Anatomy (2005)

One of the longest running television, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama, which focuses on the lives of fictional surgical interns, residents and attending physicians. The show is close to the mark of 300 episodes, another feat, which is an achievement. Like many drama shows, it also has a significant amount of cult following and numerous awards to its credit! The show is the second longest scripted prime time ABC show ever!