It could have been one of the most amazing moments for movie-goers in India but, perhaps sadly, even the remotest chance of witnessing that moment disappeared into thin air.

As the enigma of ‘Black Panther’ marvels moviegoers across the world, Indians were left disappointed because of the omission of a reference to one of the greatest gods in Hindu religion – Hanuman.

There is a scene in ‘Black Panther’ in which one of the key characters utters “Glory to Hanuman” before he plunges into a fight against the Panther. But even though the scene is there in the movie screened in cinemas across India, the word Hanuman has been muted. So it sounds like “Glory to —”.

As fingers turned to Central Board of Film Certification (because obviously), the Board clarified on Friday, 23 February, that it has no hand in the ‘censoring’ of the word.

According to Indian Express, the omission has been done by the “producers of the movie in India”.

Twitterati had expressed their anger with the censoring of Hanuman a couple of days ago after it was pointed out by Indians who had seen the movie outside the country.

Since censoring is something which has more than once landed the CBFC in a soup, the people accused the Board of indulging in needless scissoring once again.

Some reasoned that the name of Hanuman might have been muted because it is uttered by M’Baku, an antagonist played by actor Winston Duke, when the character challenges King T’Challa, essayed by Chadwick Boseman. Others claimed that the recent controversy over ‘Padmaavat’ might have alarmed the makers.