Narcos actor Wagner Moura says he was overcome with emotion as he filmed his final scenes as Pablo Escobar in the same location of the real-life drug lord’s actual shooting.

The Brazilian star portrays the notorious Colombian kingpin in the hit Netflix series, which chronicles Escobar’s rise and fall, and the upcoming second season features his fatal shootout with police on a rooftop in Medellin in 1993.

Reports had previously suggested producers had been refused permission to recreate the infamous scenes at the same property, but it appears they found a way around the issue and were able to film at the death location after all.

Wagner says he was already feeling emotional before filming began on the pivotal scenes, and the cast and crew were even more moved by the historical significance of the shoot’s location, reported NME magazine.

"It was very emotional because we actually shot (the death scene) at the same place where the real Pablo was killed, the same building," he said.

"Everybody involved in Narcos in the last two years knew that was the end of that character. So it was a very emotional moment for all of us."

Narcos returns to Netflix on September 2.