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Tusshar Kapoor: Pre-conceived notions about single parenthood need to be changed

“So yes, a constant learning on how to balance life, is something single fatherhood taught me!” Tusshar signed off.

SNS | New Delhi |

Tusshar Kapoor, an actor and producer gearing up to release his book ‘Bachelor Dad’, a memoir of single parenthood, says that it is high time for society to change its preconceived notions about single parenthood.

He told IANS: “One of the reasons I wrote this book is, while single motherhood is celebrated and rightfully so, thinking that a single man cannot be a good father and raise a child properly is wrong.”

“Providing every need for a child so that they can grow up as a happy child is something universal and that’s why I thought it would be helpful for many who are thinking about single parenthood.”

The publishing house — Penguin Random House India — offered to write the book.

Putting his thoughts down in the form of a book is vastly different from the acting he has done in movies to bring a written material to life.

He shared, “Firstly writing is time-consuming and also my journey as a father is still on, so how to share everything from the ocean of emotions was a little challenging. I sat down and was constantly going back and forth to how to put everything on paper.”

“When I decided to have my child, there were a series of thoughts in my mind because I have never done it before.”

He continued: “On one hand, I do not want to compromise on my life only for the child but I also wanted to be part of every milestone of the child…his first smile, first walk everything. So, time management and how I still can give equal attention to my child as well as to my work was a question. But I think I am managing it well now.”

Tusshar is the brother of famed TV producer Ekta Kapoor. He has appeared in several Bollywood films, including ‘Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai’, ‘Kyaa Kool Hai Hum’, ‘Golmaal’, ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Shor in the City’, and ‘Laxmii’.

In 2016, he gave birth to Lakshya Kapoor through IVF.

“So, what is the most fulfilling part of becoming a father?”

“An emotional shift happened within me when I took my newborn first time in my arms. It really is unexplainable to put it in words. And there is no room for emotional loneliness and a huge sense of feeling content happened when Laksshya happened to me.”

“My boy is quite naughty at times but I like that too! Children should be like that. Now I understand that work from home could be challenging when during the lockdown, I had a video call and my boy will seek my attention, randomly come and sit on my lap and he is so cute that I can’t say no but work is also important.”

“So yes, a constant learning on how to balance life, is something single fatherhood taught me!” Tusshar signed off.

It is expected that ‘Bachelor Dad’ will be released on February 12.

(With inputs from IANS)