‘Rockstar’ re-releases in cinemas: Discover other cinematic gems by Imtiaz Ali

Rockstar is back in theaters, sparking fresh excitement. Explore Imtiaz Ali’s other gems like Tamasha, Love Aaj Kal, and Jab We Met. Relive these iconic tales of love and self-discovery.

‘Rockstar’ re-releases in cinemas: Discover other cinematic gems by Imtiaz Ali

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In a delightful blast from the past, the 2011 hit movie ‘Rockstar’, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, is making waves again in cinemas. Director Imtiaz Ali’s masterpiece has regained its fervent following, reigniting admiration for his storytelling prowess.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, let’s explore some other cinematic gems crafted by Imtiaz Ali:

‘Tamasha’ (2015):

This soulful journey, both written and directed by Ali, follows Ved and Tara as they navigate life’s tumultuous paths, seeking their true selves. With poignant moments of introspection, ‘Tamasha’ challenges societal norms, encouraging viewers to script their own adventures.


‘Love Aaj Kal’ (2009):

Introducing us to unforgettable tunes and two parallel love stories, ‘Love Aaj Kal’ ponders the evolution of love across generations. Through the lives of four individuals, Ali prompts us to ponder whether love’s essence changes over time.

Cocktail (2012):

Starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Diana Penty, ‘Cocktail’ delves into the complexities of friendship and love. Ali’s screenplay, coupled with a melodious soundtrack, beautifully captures the dynamics of a love triangle intertwined with the bonds of friendship.

Jab We Met (2007):

A beloved classic, ‘Jab We Met’ chronicles the spirited journey of a vivacious woman and a struggling businessman. With its infectious energy and heartwarming romance, this film, set to the tune of ‘Tum Se Hi,’ remains a perennial favorite.

‘Laila Majnu’ (2018):

Directed by Sajid Ali, with screenplay by Imtiaz Ali, ‘Laila Majnu’ spins a tale of unrequited love, inspired by the timeless folktale. Despite its modest box office performance, the film, starring Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary, garnered acclaim for its poignant narrative and soul-stirring music.


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As ‘Rockstar’ captivates audiences once again, it’s a testament to Imtiaz Ali’s enduring legacy in Indian cinema. His films not only entertain but also provoke introspection, leaving an indelible mark on viewers’ hearts.

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