Sunaina Roshan, who is the sister of Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, has dedicated her new blog post to her brother.

She said that Hrithik may be one of the most desirable and sexiest men in the eyes of the world but in her eyes he is a beloved brother, a loving son and an amazing father.

In her latest blog post ‘My Brother Duggu’, Sunaina shared some interesting details about Hrithik and their childhood.

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“He was extremely shy and reserved with others but with me, he would always land up having his way,” Sunaina wrote in her blog.

“While he would be this quiet boy having very few friends, he was too shy to even interact with my girlfriends,” she added.

Sunaina emphasised that despite all his success the Kaabil actor is a humble, down to earth and emotional person, and she feels proud of him and his achievements.

Talking about Hrithik’s dedication towards his work, she wrote, “He understands the responsibility as an actor and coming from a producer, director’s family background values the cost and efforts that a Producer puts in for any project. That’s why while shooting for a song in his debut movie despite having 103 fever, he shot for it, with a doctor on standby at the sets. I too have worked with him on three.”

“I too have worked with him on three movies – Kites, Krrish and Kaabil. He gets into his role completely so much so that he lives his character day in and day out. An interesting fact about him is that he uses a different Cologne for each of his characters and never uses it again,” Sunaina added.

“To the world, he may be one of the most desirable & sexiest man but, for me, he is my beloved brother, a loving son and an amazing father. He is a man with the heart of gold and the people who have closely worked with him, would vouch for it. In spite of all his success he is incredibly humble and down to earth, sensitive emotional person and I am very proud of him and his achievements. Duggu, you are a gift to my heart, a friend to my spirit and a golden thread to the meaning of my life. I loved you yesterday and I love you still, I always have and forever will,” she concluded.

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Sunaina started writing earlier this year after she was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection and was confined to bed rest.

She has gone through the pain of a broken marriage, battled depression, diabetes and hypertension, undergone bariatric surgery, sought psychiatric help and survived cervical cancer. And through it all, she’s come out strong and smiling, with a willingness to share her experiences through inspirational blogs that she penned down.