From making her debut on television, to starring in high budget films, Yami Gautam has come a long way. The actress who made her debut on silver screen with Vicky Donor has turned 30 on Wednesday (November 28).

On the occasion of her birthday let’s check out some interesting and surprising facts about the Sanam Re actress.

Green is the way!

Yami Gautam


Yami Gautam is extremely passionate about causes close to her heart. She always ensures to give back especially to her roots. A few months ago,  Yami set up her own greenhouse and organic garden in her Himachal house. She’s deeply into any cause associated with the environment and animals.


Yami Gautam


Yami is an avid reader and she loves to read romantic novels and her favourite time of the day is when she is alone with her favourite novels. Her favourite author is Nicholas Sparks.

Lawfully right:

Yami Gautam, boldest, photo shoot


Yami Gautam was a law student back home in Chandigarh. But her life had another plan when opportunities for acting fame along. Yami pursued her passion for acting and has to leave law half way through.

Not just a gym rat:

Yami doesn’t like just sticking to the four walls of a gym. She prefers to workout more in open spaces thanks to her trainer who curated workouts for this fitness lover. She does extensive functional and battle rope workouts in open grounds.

South connection:

Yami Gautam


She has an unbreakable connection with the southern cinema as Yami loves South Indian cuisine. Seems like dosa, idli, sambhar and vada are some of her favourite dishes.

Poling around!

Yami Gautam


Yami Gautam is now a trailer pole dancer. Taking her passion for dance and fitness further, Yami trained under renowned artist Aarefa.

Not without my chai:

Yami Gautam


Whenever Yami travels abroad, she has a kit that goes along with her. A fan of the Indian chai, Yami can’t do without it and that’s why she travels everywhere with chai kit.


Yami Gautam


If you go through her Instagram posts, you will feel that Yami doesn’t let go of any chance to go on a vacation with her family or friends to explore new places. Her travel photos are simply ‘awe-inspiring’ as you just can’t scroll down without showing some love to the photo.