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Bigg Boss 13, Day 53, Nov 22: Khesari Lal Yadav evicted; Himanshi Khurana becomes captain

Vishal, Sidharth and others get emotional and bid him goodbye.

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Friday’s episode begins with Sidharth taking his and Himanshi’s name for captaincy candidature. Bigg Boss asks Shefali to read out the instructions and bring the props for the captaincy task. The task begins with Hindustani Bhau, Shehnaaz, Sidharth and Himanshi getting ready for the task.

Shefali tries to mind the candidates during the task but that leads to a ruckus amongst everyone. She accuses Bhau of holding the frame with both his hands but he denies doing so. He gets irked and leaves the frame later on.

Asim gets angry at Sidharth’s words and charges at him but is stopped by others. Shefali disqualifies Shehnaaz following which she leaves the frame. Shefali reads the instructions again to clarify her decision. Himanshi keeps her frame on the floor post which Sidharth accuses her of doing the same.
In the midst of all this, Asim and Shehnaaz get involved in an ugly spat.

Sidharth forcefully pulls the frame because of which Himanshi falls down and hurts herself. This makes Asim angry and he charges at Sidharth. Shehnaaz comes again to fight with her but is stopped by Mahira, Asim and others. Asim accuses Sidharth of cheating and asks Shefali to declare Himanshi as the winner. Shefali and Himanshi try to pacify Asim by saying that it is allowed to use strategies during the task.

Meanwhile, Sidharth tries to explain Shehnaaz, Vishal, Khesari and others that he hasn’t used any force during the task. Shefali admits seeing Sidharth pulling the frame and reads the instructions again. However, Sidharth does not agree to this and gets irked.

Bigg Boss asks Shefali’s decision about the same. She tries to explain the same but is interfered in between by Sidharth. She takes two minutes from Bigg Boss and tries to understand Himanshi’s verdict again. Bigg Boss asks Shefali’s decision again and announces Himanshi as captain. Asim and Paras get into an ugly spat with each other.

Vishal calls Shefali partial but she denies the same. Sidharth and Shehnaaz get into a fight with Asim. Himanshi goes and talks to Rashami and Devoleena about kitchen duties. She also tells  that she spoke to Shefali about saving Rashami when given a chance. Later on, she talks to Asim about Sidharth’s game plan the other day for becoming a captain.

Sidharth and Paras say that they will not do any duty given by Himanshi. Later on, Himanshi and Rashami discuss the ration. The next morning, housemates wake up to yet another energetic song. Himanshi reminds Khesari that he hasn’t washed the utensils the other night but he says that it wasn’t his duty. Vishal goes and mimics Himanshi, Khesari, Paras and others in front of Shehnaaz and Mahira.

Shehnaaz tells Arti about whatever Rashami and Devoleena said to her. Arti, Rashami, Devoleena and others fight over the latter taunting Shehnaaz about her clothes. Shehnaaz goes and cries in a corner post which Paras, Mahira and Vishal try to pacify her. Himanshi reminds Khesari about his duties but he does not pay heed to her and says that he won’t do anything alone. He gets into a fight with Himanshi and so does Paras.

Himanshi asks Mahira to give away her makeup kit as a punishment but she does not listen to her. Asim tries to explain to Himanshi not to give punishment on the first day itself.

Devoleena and Paras talk about the fights between the two groups including Rashami and Sidharth. Himanshi talks to Devoleena and others about Sidharth and his changed behaviour. Devoleena goes and tries to clear things out with Paras about some housemates including Shefali, Sidharth and Shehnaaz.

Later on, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to name that one person among the nominated ones who has the least contribution towards the show. Devoleena, Shefali, Sidharth, Arti, Asim, Rashami, Bhau and Himanshi take Khesari’s name while Mahira, Khesari, Shehnaaz, Vishal and Paras take Rashami’s name. Bigg Boss then announces that it was actually a process of eviction from the house and thus asks Khesari to take leave from the housemates. Vishal, Sidharth and others get emotional and bid him goodbye.

Rashami gets angry at the other housemates for taking her name. Later on, Himanshi is all praises for Asim as he had taken care of her when she was sick. Shefali joins in the conversation and they pull each other’s legs. Shefali tells Asim to reveal his feelings for Himanshi.

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