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Bigg Boss 12, Day 13, September 30: Wildcard entries walk into Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 (Photo: Instagram)

The Bigg Boss 12 latest episode that was aired on 30 September started off on an emotional note as Deepak Thakur sang a self-composed song about the show. Salman Khan declared the song the best so far.

Since it was Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, the housemates had to answer about a lot of things that happened along the week.

Let’s take a look at what happened on Day 13:


The cupcake task

The housemates were asked to wear a strap around their neck as the task began. Salman Khan read out statements and remarks the fellow housemates made about each other. The chosen contestant was then asked to smash a cupcake on the face of the contestant they thought said the particular statement. However, most of the housemates ended up guessing the wrong name.


Donation Camp

Karan Patel, a TV actor, entered the house with yet another task for the participants. The task was titled Donation Camp. The Bigg Boss housemates were then asked to donate one trait they have to any contestant who they think lacks it. The activity started off very well but the end wasn’t as good.


Sreesanth walks out, again

Former cricketer Sreesanth hasn’t done much in the Bigg Boss house so far but what he has done most is walk out of every task. Once again, he lost his temper during the donation camp task and refused to participate. Neha Pendse, who was asked to donate a quality, chose mental strength and wanted to give it to Sreesanth. This irked him and he very strongly opposed to Neha’s statement that he lacked mental strength.

The after effect

Karanvir Vohra tried to calm down Sreesanth while the task was continued by other contestants. However, Sreesanth took the incident to a personal level and made remarks about Neha’s honesty. On the other hand, Neha discussed his behaviour with Srishty Rode and stood by her words.


Wildcard entry

Today’s Weekend Ka Vaar ended with another eviction from the house. Romil and Nirmal ended up walking out. However, there was a twist involved in the elimination as one of them returned to the house. Not just that Romil, who went back to the house, walked in with another wild card entry, Surbhi Rana, who was eliminated earlier in the show.


The Day 13 ended with contestants discovering a lot more about each other and also what’s going on behind their back. It seems the ways things turned out tonight will bring in some more drama into the Bigg Boss house in the coming week.