With Bigg BossSeason 12 is just one day away from the finale, the remaining top five contestants became nostalgic watching their journey in the house. Be it Dipika’s calm personality or Karanvir’s sacrificing attitude or Sreesanth outspoken behaviour, it was time for a flashback.

Let’s see what happened inside the house:

 Deepak and Karanvir get nostalgic:

Bigg Boss retraces journey of the top five contestants’ big moments in the house. Each of the contestants gets nostalgic as they witness their Bigg Boss journey. Deepak remembers when his father visited the show and says he is always going to cherish these memories as it was not easy task for him to reach here. On the other hand, Karanvir in three months never failed to impress the housemates with his great sense of fashion and created moments with his sacrificing moments.

Sreesanth and Romil’s journey:

Sreesanth with his outspoken behaviour is a favourite among the five contestants. He will be remembered for his never-give-up attitude. Not just that, he also made many revelations of his life in the house. For Romil, Bigg Boss says he constantly supported his friends through thick and thin and we also got to see the emotional side of him in the house.

Dipika’s emotional journey:

Dipika gets emotional seeing her low moments and also watched the statements made by Sreesanth. Comments made by contestants on her and Sreesanth’s bond make her more emotional.

Tomorrow is grand finale; let’s see who among Dipika, Sreesanth, Deepak, Romil, and Karanvir will lift the Bigg Boss 12 trophy.

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