The famous Bengali actor was declared dead by a man on a phone call. How would you react if you were informed that Dev is dead? Obviously devastated, something similar happened to an entertainment journalist when he dialed Dev’s number and the receiver told him that.

According to TOI’s report, a journalist called Dev to get some follow up on a story that he was working on. An unknown man received the phone call and when the journalist enquired about the actor he said, ‘Dev is dead’ and that he is sitting beside his dead body. The journalist was startled by the reply and disconnected the call. Just for confirmation, he called him up again and this is how this witty man replied.

Journalist: May I speak to Dev?

Man: Dev to mara geche!(Dev is dead)

Journalist: Hyan?! (What)

Man: Hyan to. Aapni shonenni?(Yes,haven’t you heard)

Journalist: Mane kakhon?(What do you mean,when?)

Man: Eito kichukkhon aage. Ekhon to aami shoshane.(Just a few moments back. I am in the cremation ground)

The story behind the incident is that Dev has actually changed his number and this man landed up with the same number. So, the poor guy must have been pestered a few times before too. He must have got so many calls from people with the same questions and eventually got annoyed. And the result was this conversation.