Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday while addressing a rally in Pasighat in Arunachal said that the Congress which ruled for the better part of the seven decades since Independence, never bothered about the Northeast and hence the state lacked connectivity and development.

In a stinging attack on the Congress manifesto, PM Modi said: “their manifesto just like the party, is corrupt and full of hypocrisy and lies”.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi released the election manifesto on Tuesday for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Launching the 53-page Congress manifesto, Gandhi said it was “completely truthful and reflected the wishes of the people of India”.

The manifesto has promised 34 lakh jobs, farmer welfare among many others.

Addressing the crowd at the General Ground in the east Arunachal Pradesh district, PM Modi said the last time he was here only a handful could hear him as none could reach the venue.

He further said it was with the support of the people of Arunachal Pradesh that the BJP has been able to develop roads, national highways, railways and improve air connectivity of the state with the rest of the nation.

“Now this is a stadium where you have come in thousands. We have brought you roads, national highways, railways, connecting you to the rest of India and it’s all because you believed in me. The Congress just came to power to serve themselves that’s why they never bothered. But my government has fulfilled what we promised you just five years back,” he said.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley came down heavily on the Congress manifesto earlier on Tuesday stating that it was apparently drafted by the “tukde tukde gang”.

Slamming the grand old party and its chief, Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leader said that the manifesto will “divide India”.

PM Modi had on Saturday asked the people of Arunachal Pradesh to vote for a ‘chowkidar’ who would provide security to the country even as he attacked Opposition parties, claiming they were “disheartened” by India’s growth and success.

Targeting the Congress, he had said the grand old party is “synonymous with corruption” and has the habit of taking people of this country for a ride”.