Prime Minister Narendra Modi lit lamps on Sunday evening to counter the coronavirus blues, a call made by him on a couple of days back to the people of India.

The country showed massive support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call as millions turned to their balconies and light the lamps in response to his call.

PM tweeted his image of lighting lamps with a shloka in Sanskrit language. In the photo, PM was seen at his official residence wearing ethnic dhoti and kurta.

The message in the Sanskrit language was telling about the positive vibes that come when one lights up a diya/lamp at its place.

“Salutations to the light of the lamp which brings auspiciousness, health and prosperity which destroys inimical feelings; Salutations to the light of the lamp,” the message said.

As the clock struck 9 pm, millions of people came out to lit diyas (earthen pot) to support the PM’s call to tackle the deadly coronavirus.

It was not only lighting the lamps that came in support, but people also burst firecrackers, blew conches and shouted the slogans of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. The crowd also hailed PM Modi.

However, PM Modi had requested lamps to be lit for nine minutes from 9 pm, but the people kept up chanting for more than that.

After the deadly coronavirus has taken 130 crore population country in its grip, this was the second such call by its Prime Minister.

On Friday morning at 9 am, PM Modi had urged the nation to turn off lights and stand in their balconies and light diyas/candles/phone flashlights in order to counter the coronavirus blues amid the lockdown.