Amidst the controversy over crackdown on illegal abattoirs in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal BJP's minority cell has decided to launch an awareness programme about the "ill effects and environmental hazards" of beef consumption and cow slaughter in the state.

The BJP state unit has decided that minority cell president Ali Hossain, along with his supporters, would spread the message against beef eating and cow slaughter among the minority community of the state, which comprises of the 27 per cent of the population.

"Consumption of beef or cow slaughter has nothing to do with our religion. Actually, a section of misguided people and opportunist political parties are trying to propagate as if beef consumption and cow slaughter are parts of our religion," Hossain said.

Hossain said that the party's minority mocha units would fan out in various parts of the state and raise awareness about the health and environmental hazards of cow slaughter and beef consumption.

"India is a tropical country and consumption of beef or any form of red meat causes a lot of health problems. This has been clinically proved. Red meat, especially beef, is highly dangerous for health," he said.

"Killing of cows, on the other hand, will lead to environmental imbalance. Cows are the most useful animal for mankind. Killing cows for consumption of meat is not good," Hossain said.

A senior state BJP leader said, the decision to put the party's minority cell in the forefront of campaign against beef consumption and cow slaughter has been taken keeping in mind political and religious equations.

"If the BJP main unit tries to propagate against it, we will be termed as communal and infringement into the rights of the minorities. But if the same message is spread by a minority leader, it is more acceptable to the people of the minority community," the state BJP leader said.