The Himachal Pradesh government’s health secretary Amitabh Awasthi said here on Saturday that the state government is equipped to deal with the coronavirus epidemic and that the health department has adequate ventilators, pulse oximeters, oxygen cylinders and essential medicines for the purpose.

He said that in the case of increasing infection of coronavirus in the country and the state, there are many cases where the symptoms of coronavirus disease in the infected people are rare or they are without any symptoms.

Such people are being advised to stay in home isolation.

He said that while sending any person to home isolation, it is being ensured that all the facilities should be available in that person’s home as per the guidelines issued for home isolation and one person should be available at all times to take care of that person.

Awasthi said that at the time of sending a person for home isolation a kit is being provided, in which all types of medicines and a pulse oximeter are also being provided as per the requirement.

A person can check his oxygen level himself using a pulse oximeter.

He said that if any deficiency is found in it or any symptom of corona is found, then the person is advised to provide information to the health worker in time so that proper treatment can be provided to him. The health secretary said that ventilators are also available in adequate quantity in the state and these have been installed in various hospitals of the state as per the requirements.

Due to the severity of symptoms of corona in patients, proper treatment is being provided in different health institutions.

He said that at present, out of total 6381 active patients in the state, 5673 patients are registered in home isolation and are receiving regular health benefits.

He said that from 25 November an “Active Case Finding Campaign”, called “Him Suraksha”, would be started across the state under which health workers will go door-to-door to collect information on symptoms of COVID-19, tuberculosis, leprosy and noncommunicable diseases like sugar and blood pressure etc. and appropriate treatment will be provided after further examination.