“No advertisement was published in any newspaper nor any tender or e-tender released by Haryana Urban Development Authorities (HUDA) in case of leasing out a lawn in violation of rules,” alleged an RTI activist Abhay Jain.

Terming it a scandal, Jain claimed that on 29 September HUDA Gymkhana Club ground in Sector -29 of Gurgaon was given out on lease to one Billu Tent House. He alleged that HUDA officials accepted a proposal from a single firm and executed an agreement to lease out 11,221 square yards lawn for nine years on an annual rent of Rs 35 lakh. He pointed out that HUDA ‘s policy was to charge rent on commercial land at 6 per cent per annum on rate fixed by district collector.

“District collector rate of HUDA’s Sector-29 commercial land is Rs 1.87 lakh per yard and for land leased out by HUDA the annual charges at 6 per cent amounted to Rs 11,220 per yard. The department gave the HUDA Gymkhana Club ground on rent of Rs 35 lakh per year. As per its policy, the rent should have been 12.58 crore per annum. Over nine years the estimated loss is Rs.110.15 crore,” alleged Jain.

Meanwhile, a meeting of Gymkhana Club members was held on Sunday to discuss the course of action on the lease of ground to Billu Tent House.

HUDA chief Yashpal Yadav, however, refuted the allegation calling it an attempt to benefit a rival tent house.

“They have been creating a hue and cry and trying to malign the department. When the ground was given on lease, none of the present officials were posted in HUDA. An official posted earlier ordered renewal of lease for nine years. But as soon as the lapse came to the fore HUDA cancelled the lease and ordered a review,” he said.