A final year girl student of Home Science department in Sambalpur University has alleged sexual harassment by a non teaching staff of the examination control cell.

“The concerned staff works in a contractual service basis, but because he holds a post in a crucial department of the examination control cell in the university, he has been indulging in such practices since a long time,” alleged the girl while informing that several other girls were victims.

The girl in question being grossly disturbed by frequent calls from the staff and even at times indecent behaviour expressed the matter to her classmates who also then narrated their plea of facing such similar problems.

But they had to tolerate everything since the staff was threatening them of manipulating their marks in their examinations. However, the girl who protested it and wanted to bring the matter to the notice of the authorities, told her problem to the father of one of her friends who is a former minister of the state.

Realizing the gravity of the allegation, the former minister immediately discussed the matter with the head of the department (HoD) and also the vice chancellor of the university Prof. Deepak Behera. Hearing the entire situation, Prof. Behera, the V-C asked the former minister to make written complaint so that it is taken up by the university’s sexual harassment cell.

The accused approached the former minister not to give a written complaint. A few other staff members also pleaded on his behalf. The incident has become a hot topic of discussion in the varsity as it now depends entirely on the girl to pursue her allegation.