Punjab Congress and its main opposition Aam Adami Party (AAP) were on warfare on Thursday after chief minister (CM) Captain Amarinder Singh's swear-in ceremony.
Terming the ceremony a total 'mismanagement', AAP leaders showed their displeasure over the alleged step-motherly treatment given to the AAP legislators. AAP alleged that the officially invited legislators were not even provided chairs to sit during the ceremony. On the other hand, Punjab Congress has lashed out at the AAP leadership, alleging false charges of mismanagement during swearing-in ceremony.
Talking to medipersons at Chandigarh, AAP legislators H S Phoolka, Sukhpal Singh Khaira along with other legislators said that the no arrangements were made to facilitate the elected representative related to AAP. Phoolka said that this was the first time in the history, while CM was taking oath of his office and the leader of main opposition party along with his colleges was standing on the back of pandal. "The AAP legislators don’t seek any VIP treatment but being the representative of people they must have given seats to sit at least. AAP has a culture of simplicity and all the MLAs follow the same ideology," he said.
Later, reacting sharply to AAP Punjab leaders’ charges Punjab Congress said that AAP is unable to swallow its ignominious defeat in the Punjab assembly polls. "The AAP leadership, instead of accepting their electoral defeat gracefully and playing the role of a healthy opposition, seemed hell-bent on creating hurdles even before the Congress government was sworn in, as was evident from their behaviour at the swearing-in ceremony of CM Captain Amarinder Singh and his ministerial colleagues", said a spokesperson.