Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and MCD in-charge Durgesh Pathak has alleged the BJP-run civic bodies for gross negligence as he said that the corporations are disposing the Covid-19/biomedical waste at empty plots without segregation.

He said that the callous handling of the biomedical waste poses a threat to individuals as it can spread the infection among the community living in the vicinity of such plots.

“We got to know from media reports that the BJP ruled MCD is dumping the Covid biomedical waste near Baadli area in empty plots. If this biomedical waste appropriately then Covid-19 can spread across the national capital again. But instead of taking care of this waste, they are just throwing it at any random place,” Pathak said.

The AAP leader said that the biomedical waste generated from the Corona patients who are under the home isolation is not being segregated and is being disposed of along with the general household waste.

“It should be treated separately and in a scientific manner, which is the responsibility of the BJP-ruled MCD. A proper precaution is needed else COVID-19 can spread from this waste,” he added.

The MCD in-charge of AAP said that the party considers the random disposition of biomedical waste criminal negligence and demands stringent action against those involved in the irresponsible act.

“Stringent action should be taken against the people who are responsible for dumping biomedical waste in this way. We demand that strictest action and criminal proceedings should happen against the officials of the BJP ruled MCD who are not taking care of the biomedical waste.”