Nishikant Dubey, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Jharkhand’s Godda, has landed himself in a controversy after a video showing a supporter drinking the water with which he had washed the parliamentarian’s feet surfaced.

The video, which went viral on social media on Sunday, was shot when Dubey visited Godda’s Kanhavara village for the inauguration of a bridge on the river Tajia.

In the video, a BJP worker, identified as Pawan Shah, is seen washing the feet of the MP on a brass plate and then taking a sip of the muddied water.

According to reports, Shah performed the act out of gratitude for Dubey for keeping the promise of constructing the bridge that connects his village to Kalali village on the other side.

At the event, Shah hailed the BJP MP before performing his act of ‘gratitude’. Dubey was seen unwillingly allowing the worker to wash his feet.

But as criticisms mounted, Dubey defended the act citing Lord Krishna.

“If a worker is happily washign feet then what wrong is he doing? Washing feet is a part of Jharkhand’s culture. Don’t Adivasi women do this in every programme? Didn’t Krishna didn’t wash feet? Shame on pathetic mentality,” he said in a post on Facebook.

“I drank the water with which I washed the feet of my teacher Bechu Narayan Singh, who was a Kurmi by caste. Am I being targeted because I am a Brahmin? Someday I will get the opportunity to wash the feet of workers like Pawan because I am alive due to them,” he declared in a second post.

The bridge has been constructed at a cost of Rs 21 crore.