Angry current and former students and guardians vandalised a Kolkata school on Thursday after a video made rounds of the social media, purportedly showing a teacher in a compromising position with a girl student of Class X.

Police later detained the science teacher in working in the New Town school in Kolkata and interrogated him to ascertain the genuineness of the video.

According to the police, the teacher allegedly got into a compromising position with the girl when he was giving private tuition to her and other students at his residence. Another student present there reportedly clicked the video on his mobile and circulated it among friends.

After the news about the video became public, a mob of former and current students, and guardians too, started a protest demonstration. They resorted to stone-pelting breaking doors and windows of the school, and also demanded arrest of the teacher.

The school authorities then called police, who took the teacher to the New Town police station.

A probe has been initiated into the matter

“We have not arrested the teacher as we are trying to find out the genuineness of the video. It has been sent for forensic test,” said a senior officer of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate.

The headmaster promised to bring the matter to the notice of the state education department.

Stating that the incident had tarnished the reputation of the school, “My teachers and students are feeling traumatised. The school managing committee at its next meeting will pass a resolution condemning the teacher, who will be first dropped from the panel.”

A former student of the Kolkata school, meanwhile, alleged that the said science teacher was a serial offender. “He used to zero in on one girl every year and engage in immoral activities… Out of fear and shame, the victims and their guardians have kept quiet so far,” he said.

(With agency inputs)