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Kamal Haasan criticises state govt for selling liquor through TASMAC shops

SNS | New Delhi |

Kamal Haasan, on Saturday, criticised the state government for selling liquor through Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) shops and suggested the government that it should focus more on health and education instead. Haasan was addressing about 8,000 students at an event organised by the Maatram Foundation near Chennai.

“That’s not their job. It’s enough if the government supervises liquor trade. No need to get waist or neck deep in liquor. They must take a similar plunge in health and education,” Kamal Hasaan said.

South’s two great superstars- Kamaml Haasan and Rajnikanth — have stepped into the political space left in Tamil Nadu after the death of the former Chief Minister and AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa. While both of them are competing to capture this space, they have also kept hopes thriving about joining hands.

Kamal Haasan has also announced, in a Tamil Magazine, that his team will adopt a village in Tamil Nadu to show their model of development by implementing what governments have failed in. He also had shared his plans to invite Harvard talent to the villages in the state.

The actor is planning to launch his political party on February 21 in Rameshwaram, from where,  the actor-turned-politician will start his state-wide political tour viz. “Nalai Namadhe” which means “Tomorrow is Ours”.

He called his tour a “journey of discovery”. The actor has stepped in politics recently, and has concentrated his focus on young voters in Tamil Nadu and are urging them to be the change-makers of the future. He asked youngsters to be aware of what’s happening around them and become the leaders the country needs at the moment.