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Jail inmates to prepare food for Anganwadi Centres

Surbhi Varma | Chandigarh |

The UT Chandigarh's Social Welfare Department in collaboration with the Prison Department on April 1 initiated special programme under which the preparation and distribution of nutritious food meant for the Anganwadi centres would be taken care by the jail inmates.

The scheme was kicked off with preparing and distributing food for nearly four centres while rest of the centres would be covered in phased manner.

Under the supervision of Additional Inspector General (AIG) SK Jain, the food was cooked by both male and female jail prisoners. Afterwards, nearly 8 to 10 cans were brought to the centres for the distribution of food to Anganwadi children.

While talking to The Statesman Jain said, “The entire food has been cooked by our prisoners. I have seen the recipes and food menu for the centers. Rest assured that it won't be spicy.”

"Nothing is more satisfying than a happy smile on the faces of these children," Jain said.

Meanwhile the prison department is getting equipped for kitchen in Jail. At present here are 500 Anganwadi centres in Chandigarh out of which 100 are being served with cooked food.

“This is the beginning of the scheme, the prison department has worked hard and cooked delicious food. We are also waiting for the jail kitchen to get fully equipped with the machines so that we can serve to the rest of the centers soon,” said Nishu Nee Namrata Singal, Director, UT Social Welfare Department.

The prison food was enjoyed by the children along with the officials present there. They were served halwa, rice along with theblack channa dal (black chickpeas). “Children are needed to be reminded about the cooked meal, this small practice from the government and the efforts of the people is much appreciated,” Nishu Nee Namrata Singal said.