Litigants seeking their grievances to be redressed in Calcutta High Court will continue to wait unles they appear in person after members of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association on Thursday resolved to continue their staying away from court till 11 May.

While the association members will meet on 14 May to decide on their next course of action, the stir will be called off meanwhile in the event of arrival of the warrant of appointment of the four advocates who yesterday signed their respective pro-forma which precedes their appointment as judges.

The advocates have been staying away from court since 19 February. Appointment of judges in the vacant posts of the court is the principal demand which has made them stay away from their place of work. There are 72 posts of judges in the Calcutta High Court.

There would be 37 judges in the apex court of the state after the swearing in of the four advocates who had signed their pro-forma of appointment yesterday. Many of the advocates had hoped that the abstainment would be called off after the four signed their pro-forma.

Moreover, after the confirmation of appointment of acting Chief Justice Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya as the permanent Chief Justice, one of the demands of the stir was fulfilled, the hopes of ending the agitation had risen high.

Elevation of judges from this court to the Supreme Court was another demand of the men in band and gown when they decided to abstain. We will join our professional work as soon as the warrants for the appointment of the four judges are issued, president of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association, Mr Uttam Majumdar, said.