A Gwalior-based group of 50 women from the Pad Women Foundation has sent 10,000 sanitary napkins to Kerala’s flood-hit areas to spread the message of hygiene and cleanliness.

The people of Gwalior, various organisations and institutions have been despatching lakhs of rupees and goods to Kerala through the district administration.

“To help flood-hit Kerala, the people of Gwalior are coming forward to donate cash and various types of goods through the district administration and other channels. The sanitary napkins are being also sent to Kerala by a group of local women,” said Gwalior collector Ashok Kumar Verma.

Pad Women Foundation, a group of 50 women, has been working in rural areas and slums in the district to make women aware about menstrual hygiene. They have been distributing free sanitary pads.

“We have sent 10,000 sanitary pads to flood-hit Kerala as unavailability of pads in the affected area could be a major issue of pollution and infection among women. We decided to dispatch the pads to help our sisters and girls in this situation. We use our own money to distribute sanitary napkins,” said Kiran Bajpai, chief of the group. She said that along with pads they had also sent other goods of daily need.

Gwalior has been in the forefront of the campaign on women’s health issues. In January, a group of girls students from the city launched a unique campaign against the Goods and Service Tax (GST) on sanitary napkins.

They sent 1,000 pads to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to mark their protest against the 12 per cent GST on the product. However, the government subsequently withdrew GST on sanitary napkins.