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Government approves amendments in Haryana Building Code- 2017

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

Haryana government on Tuesday has approved certain amendments in the Haryana Building Code-2017 during the process of its implementation and also in view of Ease of Doing Business.

While stating this, a spokesperson of Town and Country Planning Department said that any person intending to erect or re-erect building would apply on Form BRS-I along with documents to the competent authority for approval of building plans of buildings falling in low and moderate risk categories under self-certification to the competent authority for intimation. The applicant may initiate construction immediately after submission of the application and documents, he added.

The spokesperson said that the inspection team would conduct inspection of site or building on a day specified by the competent authority in the order issued and submit or upload online single inspection report within 48 hours to competent authority. The competent authority may refer standard report format for single Joint Inspection or else may draft its own format. The authority at any stage that is approval of building plan, DPC level and grant of occupation certificate, if requires, case to case basis, may ask for an affidavit from the applicant, as per standard format, he further added.

He said that the competent authority would pass an order within a period of 20 days of submission of building plans, accompanied by all necessary documents either sanctioning or rejecting it. The building plan would be deemed to be sanctioned, if it is in conformity with building Code and in accordance with the permitted land use of the area and all leviable fee or charges have been deposited by the applicant but no orders have been passed by the competent authority within the specified time.

He said that the owner or the Architect, in case of self certification would submit a certification from an Architect or by himself, in case of self certification, that the construction of building upto DPC level is as per sanctioned plan. The competent authority would verify the certification and would issue consent or comments within seven days of receiving the certification. The DPC certificate would deem to be accepted, if it is in conformity with the Code, but no consent or comments have been passed by the competent authority within specified time.

He said that after receipt of application, the competent authority would communicate in writing within 18 days, his decision for grant or refusal of such permission for occupation of the building. The e-register would be maintained for maintaining record in respect of Occupation Certificate.

The spokesperson said that the owner who had applied under Code 2.2 and having building under Low Risk Category would submit an application to the competent authority for grant of occupation certificate and along with completion drawings and certificate along with the documents. These documents included detail of compoundable violations from the approved building plans, if any in the building, jointly signed by the owner, architect and structural engineer, along with demand draft of the due payment for composition charges of such violations at the rates determined by the competent authority.

He said that the competent authority would issue an occupation certificate within eight working days of receipt of the form duly complete in all respect and accompanied with the required completion drawings forms and affidavits. He said that if no communication is received from the competent authority within eight working days of submitting the application for “Occupation Certificate”, the owner is permitted to occupy building, considering deemed issuance of “Occupation Certificate” and the application form would act as “Occupation Certificate”: provided violations, if found at any subsequent stage, would result in cancellation of the occupation certificate issued and the same would be restored only after removal of violations.

He said that no person would occupy or allow any other person to occupy any new building or a part thereof for any purpose whatsoever until such building or a part thereof has been certified by the competent authority as having been completed and an occupation certificate has been issued in his favour within the above mentioned period. However, minimum percentage of permissible covered area for industrial plotted colony only as mentioned would have to be constructed to obtain an occupation certificate or as decided by the competent authority, by recording reasons in writing.