The Opposition is being gagged in the state with a Trinamul Congress state government deciding on a eight-day Budget session begining on 30 January leaving little time to deliberate on utility of the funds allotted for people’s welfare, leader of the Oppositon in the state Assembly said on Thursday.

It is the smallest Budget such session since 1952, with the time on obituary references, governor’s address and presentation of Budget further curtailing the time of duscussion on it, he said, addressing a Press conference in the state Assembly during the day. There is no reason to curtail the Budget session, the leader of the Opposition said.

Neither is there any natural disaster nor is an election scheduled to be held, he added. This is a marked departure from the usual time period of 20 days allotted to a Budget session, the leader of the Opposition said.

The ruling party is accusing the Opposition of boycotting the House but the fact remains any view contrary to the one held by the Opposition benches is sought to be stifled, he said.

During the previous session, a minister was allowed to speak on the steps to combat the outbreak of dengue, the leader of the Opposition said. But when an Opposition legislator sought to speak on dengue he wa disallowed on the plea that it is a sub-judice matter, he pointed out.

It seems that there are two sets of rules for the elected representatives to the Assembly, the leader of the Opposition said. It seems that the ruling party expects the Opposition to play a subservient role in the House but we will not oblige it, he added.

Mr Mannan has shot off a letter to Speaker Biman Banerjee during the day alleging that the Opposition’s bid to participate in the issues on public interest is being denied.